Monday, September 17

Pilchuk Glass School

Amie Pease
When we think of art we usually envision the end product, the result of the artist’s time and effort.  For me, the actual piece of art you end up with is nowhere near as interesting, or as valuable as the process that creates it. 
At the Pilchuck Glass School visitors are able to see this creative process in action. Located at their campus is a glass lab where they create glass pieces. 

Plichuk Glass School - Campus 

The site isn’t filled with beautiful finished glass pieces, but if you open your eyes and look around you will see art, and the inspiration to create more art everywhere. 
The school is located on 100 acres of former farmland that has been allowed to grow back into a forest.  There are plenty of trails for hiking and exploring, as well as some lovely jewel box surprises to be found along the way. 

My favorite is called the Trojan Horse.  It’s a small oval building that was built in pieces that can be (somewhat) easily taken apart, moved elsewhere, and re-assembled.

This building was once used as a sacred space and when you are there it is easy to see why.

A visit to the glass school is worth the time it takes to drive out there.  They were thrilled to host us and wanted to make sure everyone knew that they will provide interpreters on request.  When you go, be ready to walk, and be sure not to overlook what the glass blowers working farthest from the visitors are doing.

You may check them out at the Pilchuck Glass School website. Enjoy!

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